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dungeon under Kes


Here is my first TFT dungeon, it is under the ruined keep called Kes. ( Not play tested.)

stairs lead downward. Hexes are 10 feet wide.

1) entrance area, a small lamp lights the room.

2) 4 giant rats

3) a giant ant

4) a pit trap. 5 foot drop. Halflings beware ! Unless you have a grappling hook and a rope.

5) a wild hog, ice on one side, sand on the other.

6) pieces of an old ship.

7) 2 bugbears waiting for a party to get busy searching the ship parts. Then attack. They each have 20 sp and 3 gp. They don’t like standing in the water, but its been useful for getting money from adventurers.

8) a ballista behind a small stone wall. The chest is locked, 150 gp inside.

9) 2 coffins. One has a ghoul in it. dagger plus 2 to Str for a warrior. one 100 gp gem.

10) a bugbear waiting around the corner

11) 4 skeletons. The zombie will join them when it notices combat

12) stone work ruins, could have been a keep that blocked the passage for tolls. Empty.

13) 3 piles of rocks watch a sword floating above some water. Anyone trying to reach the sword will be pelted by rocks. The sword is just a sword.

14) 2 skeletons

15) a pit trap, spikes at the bottom. 10 foot drop.

16) mad bull. Will charge when it sees the characters.

17) an empty area of spooky sounds; rustling chains, creaking metal doors.

18) When anyone approaches the lamp, closer than 10 feet, it goes out. After they get more than 10 feet away, it lights back up.

19) a giant ant with ice nearby.

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